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YOTA BIO-ENGINEERING CO., LTD (YOTABIO) is located at 398 Huan'an Road, RETDA, Rizhao, P. R. China, a beautiful coastal city in Shandong Province. 
Our manufacturing site spreads over about 38,000 square meters now and there are 150 staff member working year-round, in 24 hrs and 7 days, to produce quality bio-food additives like Nisin, Natamycin, Polylysine and Transglutaminase (TG) since September of 2016.
Thanks to our diligent workers, YOTABIO is able to provide stably with quality products to our customers all over the world.
YOTABIO is committed to becoming a leading manufacturer of bio-food additives in the food industry in China, by having a strong innovation in the R&D area, the well-designed & established manufacturing facilities and a responsive & creative customer supporting system.
Deeply rooted in YOTABIO'S corporate culture, innovation and expertise are at the core of new developments. YOTABIO is constantly innovating and enhancing its range of food ingredients. 
The innovation team at YOTABIO brings the necessary energies together, as well as the scientific and technical skills to serve one common goal: to continuously provide best products and service to our customers.
Using bio-based materials and state of the art bio-technology, we can help you to meet various consumer demands for food preservative and processing. We can also help you to reduce costs and improve food safety by maintaining freshness & quality for the targeted shelf life of the foods.
A healthy life by YOTABIO-made, our promise!
FRESH SCIENCE, FRESH LIFE, YOTABIO bio-food ingredients, your best choice!
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