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Yuantai Bio vs Craftsman Spirit
Yuantai Biotechnology is determined to uphold the spirit of artisans cultivated in the era of agricultural civilization and to build our "Yotabio Yuantaibao" brand.
Our craftsman - Production Director Li Dongping
He is a Tujia child who came out of the mountains in the west of the forest in western Hubei. His family was built in the Enshi Tujia and Yi Autonomous Prefecture in Hubei Province. He was a group of Ningjiagou Village in Hongyan Temple, a place called Lijiaping. The majestic Three Gorges are not The back garden in the distance, but his village is a beautiful and lonely place, like the corner that has been forgotten by time, retaining the original appearance of chaos in the heavens and the earth. The folks said, "See the mountain, walk to the hustle, see the house, go to cry," The overlapping of mountains and mountains confuses the human eye. There are only more than 20 households in his village, surrounded by well-known and unknown mountains. The legendary sling is his home, scattered in the villages of the barren hills, and the sparse people only have the smoky smoke in the sunset sky. As a child, he has to go to the 15km mountain road every day to go to school, and to go to the town 30km away in junior high school. As a child, a teenager, he climbs the mountains every day, and with the mountains, he also has the same character as a stable, heavy, and tough mountain.
As the old saying goes, relying on mountains to eat mountains, the bamboo forests in the mountains and plains not only make the beautiful bamboo sea beauty, but also provide natural woven materials for his ancestors, and become the treasure of their breadwinners. His family has made bamboo for a living, grandfather It is a famous singer. The bamboos planted by the ancestors of the family in the early years have been germinated and grown continuously. They have grown into small forests and have a steady supply of materials. After a few hours, he saw his grandfather sitting quietly on the small bench every day. A bamboo with his dexterous hands flew up and down, turned into bamboo, purlin, and silk, and finally became a beautiful household item and art. Product. Seeing more, Xiao Dongping is also clamoring to learn. Grandpa took a compiled basket and told him how to do it. He didn’t expect him to have an endurance that was beyond ordinary people. He compiled and dismantled One day after another, the hands rubbed out a blood bubble, and the eyes stared at tears. After half a day on the ground, the legs and feet could hardly stand, but he didn't care, just repeated over and over again, and tried to do as good as Grandpa.
In his heart, there is blood flowing by the craftsman, perfection and perfection...
When he went to college, he walked out of the mountains, but he walked into the densely populated microbial world and dealt with these tiny invisible lives. After graduation, he left his hometown and went to Shandong, a bio-fermentation province. He spent 13 years in a bio-pharmaceutical company. He was accompanied by large and small fermenters and refining equipment every day, every valve and every pipe on the production line. Every screw has become his most familiar friend. He often feels that these devices are far more time spent with his daughter in some time. Only then, he has emotional communication with these cold machines. Knowing their physical health, Kenting's cattle are generally laborious for their perfect daily operation.
With the help of these good steel partners, starting from a tiny strain of bacteria, inoculation, fermentation, cultivation, extraction, purification, refining, he used the whole body and mind to care for the tiny lives flowing in the tank day and night, and produced them. The essence is separated and extracted as a green natural and healthy meat, milk, beverage antiseptic preservative, supplied to various food processing factories, and then the people's table, for the benefit of the public health. Like a child's bamboo, bamboo, bamboo, and bamboo, he always spends the heart of the craftsman.
Today, he is the craftsman of our Yuantai creatures. His calm atmosphere and demanding perfection provide a stable rear guarantee for the production of Yuantai Bio. His ingenuity and meticulous carving make our crafts perfect, Yuantai Baby Under the cultivation of his ingenuity, they have a healthy and growing soil, and they have the power to further protect the health of the public.
Yuantai biology, only the craftsman and craftsman spirit will last forever!
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